Welcome to your no stress buying experience.

We at Lexus of Akron-Canton know that the process of buying a preowned vehicle can be stressful. "Am I getting the best vehicle I can for my budget?" In other words, are you getting a fair deal? At Lexus of Akron-Canton, we take the stress out of the buying process. We actively review and adjust our vehicle prices to be consistent with dealerships in our market. Every day our vehicle prices are compared to similar vehicles that are offered for sale online. Our entire sales team also reviews preowned vehicles for quality, as well as fair pricing so that we only offer you our "best pricing for the best product" at all times. You are able to review our pricing along with us during the sales process. All of this leads to a no stress buying experience.

Experience the Akron-Canton difference

Lexus of Akron Canton has been up and running since 1999 and continues to flourish! We are more than just a business, we are family. With our welcoming Lexus staff, we pride ourselves on turning strangers into friends, and friends into family. Building strong, positive relationships with our clients empowers us to provide top-notch quality care and personalized results. We are confident we can guide you toward the perfect Lexus vehicle to not only meet your standards, but exceed them throughout their Lexus of Akron-Canton experience. For those who prefer to wait at our Akron dealership, we offer a variety of refreshments and designated lounges for your comfort. Take advantage of our Lexus service specials to save big on your next scheduled maintenance appointment. By the time we are done, your car will be as ready as you are to hit the road. Call our service center for more information or schedule a service appointment now to be treated like a Lexus customer should be!

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